VOL: 700mLIABV: 14%
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Select Apertivo

Select Aperitvo is made by blending 30 botanicals including juniper berries and rhubarb roots that contribute to creating a sophisticated but still approachable bittersweet flavour. It is an ode to excellence. Paired with a large green olive and with its intense, bright ruby red, Select Aperitivo delivers a truly premium Aperitivo experience. Select Aperitivo liqueur is made by carefully blending 30 botanicals, including juniper berries and rhubarb roots, and undergoing a careful and complex maceration, boiling, and distillation process.

Tasting notes


Herbaceous with Notes of orange citrus & Vanilla.


Sweet-sour flavor with notes of citrus and vanilla.


Smooth & herbaceous  with plenty of fruit & vanilla

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