The Busker Single Malt
VOL: 700mLIABV: 44.3%
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The Busker Single Malt

The Busker Single Malt is a delightful discovery, an intense journey into the realm of taste. The whiskey is distilled in large copper stills, then matured in two different woods to bring you a complexity that is waiting to be experienced. The Busker Single Malt is a deep golden whiskey. It begins with an arrangement of fruit, which gently leaves space for an explosion of pine essence and malt biscuit. The palate is very intense, with rich, chocolate notes. The whiskey concludes with a sweet and creamy finish.

Tasting notes


Deep golden


Fruity (apple, banana), pine essence, scented, elderflower, malt biscuits


Very intense rich, chocolate notes


Sweet and creamy finish

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