VOL: 700mLIABV: 44%
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Tres Tribus Ensamble

Artfully crafted from a mixture of wild and cultivated agave, the complex combination of three magueys creates a playful spirit ideal for cocktails. The Ensamble includes:

· Wild Salmiana ranging from 15 up to 35 years old in some cases.

· Wild Jabalí averaging between 10 and 15 years old.

· Cultivated Espadín averaging 8 years old.

Tasting notes

Tasting Notes

Tres Tribus Ensamble features alluring notes of jasmine, mango and honey with a delicate minerality. The mid-palate of cooked agave showcases a toasty elegance and hints of stone fruit with a long finish of citrus and earthy flavors.

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