VOL: 750mLIABV: 46%
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Westland Peated

Westland Peated American Single Malt Whiskey is the truest to tradition but still represents a unique perspective on the world’s oldest style of whiskey. While many peated whiskies follow the very traditional model of 100% peated malt, displaying a raw and heavy smoky character, Westland works to build on this tradition with new world sensibilities. They do this by introducing non-peated malts, most of which is grown locally in Washington State, in a ratio that actually outweighs the peated malt. The addition of their innovative five-malt spirit in each bottling brings a balance of malty notes to the peat that reflects local creative culture.

Tasting notes


Nuts, smoldering moss, flamed orange peel, roasted plantains.


Campfire, iodine, roasted pistachios, green herbs.

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