VOL: 750mLIABV: 46%
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Westland Sherry Wood

Westland Sherry Wood is the interpretation of one of the world’s most popular styles of single malt whiskey. While the practice of maturing whiskey in sherry casks isn’t as long-standing as peated whiskies, it has become a standard of old world sensibilities. Westland celebrates this custom by filling hogsheads and butts sourced from the same region the Scottish find their casks. But what they do with them differs. Again, the five-malt spirit plays a significant role, allowing them to balance the sherry influence with local malted barley flavour. Westland ships sherry casks whole, which is unusual in the business of whiskey. This provides a sherry character that is still incredibly vibrant in this whiskey, but always ensures the barley notes have an equal voice, something rarely done in Scotland.

Tasting notes


Honey-dipped oatmeal raisin cookies, maple syrup, banana pancakes.


Kiwi, maple syrup, raisins, sweet cookies, pastries, stewed yellow fruits.

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