Westland Distillery adopts the same basic raw materials and processes used for generations in the whiskey-making of the old world, without seeking to replicate the results. Instead, they work to create whiskies that reflect the distinct qualities of time, place and culture in the Pacific Northwest.

For centuries, single malt whiskey has been considered solely the domain of Scotland. But relative newcomers to the industry are proving that great single malt can be made outside the borders of Scotland. From Japan to India, Taiwan to New Zealand, regions from all over the world are expanding the notion of what single malt can be by making whiskies that express the character of their unique terroir. Westland is doing just that in America—producing single malts that honour tradition but offer something new and worthwhile at the same time. Here, where bourbon has been king for generations, Westland is leading an entirely new category of single malt whiskey, one that is distinctly American.

The three expressions in core range of Westland American Single Malt Whiskeys each exhibit the fundamental intention of their house style: a balanced, barley-forward whiskey that honours tradition but also moves it forward in a new way. Westland core expressions are all made from 100% malted barley, fermented with a unique Belgian Saison brewer’s yeast and matured in a variety of cask types—leading to new and distinctly American flavour profiles. From that starting point, each expression offers a variation of a house style that departs from expected conventions of single malt whiskey in their own way.


Westland American Oak stands as the greatest departure from Scottish whisky-making tradition. In the pursuit of an authentically American single malt whiskey, Westland brings their signature five-malt grain bill together with new American oak casks—two things practically unheard of in the old world. This combination produces a dramatically different whiskey from what is now commonplace and expected in the single malt category. But just as traditional styles of single malt from Scotland emerged as a reflection of regions such as Islay and Speyside, so too does American Oak stay true to the provenance of the Pacific Northwest.


Westland Sherry Wood is the interpretation of one of the world’s most popular styles of single malt whiskey. While the practice of maturing whiskey in sherry casks isn’t as long-standing as peated whiskies, it has become a standard of old world sensibilities. Westland celebrates this custom by filling hogsheads and butts sourced from the same region the Scottish find their casks. But what they do with them differs. Again, the five-malt spirit plays a significant role, allowing them to balance the sherry influence with local malted barley flavour. Westland ships sherry casks whole, which is unusual in the business of whiskey. This provides a sherry character that is still incredibly vibrant in this whiskey, but always ensures the barley notes have an equal voice, something rarely done in Scotland.


Westland Peated is the truest to tradition but still represents a unique perspective on the world’s oldest style of whiskey. While many peated whiskies follow the very traditional model of 100% peated malt, displaying a raw and heavy smoky character, Westland works to build on this tradition with new world sensibilities. They do this by introducing non-peated malts, most of which is grown locally in Washington State, in a ratio that actually outweighs the peated malt. The addition of their innovative five-malt spirit in each bottling brings a balance of malty notes to the peat that reflects local creative culture.