Fiorente Froze Cocktail

Fiorente Froze

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Celebrate at your next gathering with a Fiorente Froze. ⁠Cool, refreshing and delicious it’s packed with flavour. Easy to make in a blender, you’ll love this recipe for its simplicity and that fact you can make a batch for 2 or more!


20ml Fiorente Elderflower liqueur
30ml Dry Rosé
1cup Frozen strawberries
1cup Ice
1 Juiced lime (optional)

Add the frozen strawberries, rosé, and elderflower liqueur to the blender. Blend until smooth. ​ Add ice and blend until combined.  Pour into glasses and serve cold. Serves 2

Bartender's Tip

Make a sharing jug and serve in a wine glass.

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