Pina Colada 43

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The Piña Colada 43 is a twist on the classic Piña Colada and the ultimate tropical cocktail. We’ve infused it with Licor 43, giving it a little taste of Spain! Hola!


50ml Licor 43
50ml Coconut cream
60ml Pineapple Juice
Juice from a lemon wedge
2 Slices of pineapple
1 Piece of fresh pineapple peel
1 Sprig of mint
Sprig of mint

Chop the two pineapple slices into small pieces.
Shake the Licor 43, coconut cream, lemon juice, brandy, and cream with ice cubes in a cocktail shaker.
Shake well and pour into a glass.

Bartender's Tip

For a full-bodied meltier taste, add 10mL Remy Martin VSOP Cognac. Substitute pineapple with mango and if neither in season use canned fruit.

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