Tia Maria Affogato Martini

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Tia Maria Affogato Martini is a great way to treat yourself after a long workday or cool off from the summer heat.  This indulgent twist on the Martini is too good to miss.  Espress-o yourself with your choice of garnish, like shaved chocolate or crumbled ginger biscuits, and indulge in one today.

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30ml Tia Maria
15ml Vodka
30ml Espresso shot
1 Scoop vanilla ice cream
5- 10ml Sugar syrup (optional)
Shaved chocolate or crumble a choc chip cookie over the top

Pour ice cream into a martini glass. Pour espresso over the ice cream. Add Tia Maria and Vodka into a shaker, with ice, shake well. Strain and pour into the glass.

Bartender's Tip

Experiment with other toppings.

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