Launch of St-Rémy Signature brings brandy to a new generation

Dec 2, 2021
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This October in Australia, a new entrant will claim centre stage, breathing new life into the brandy category. St-Rémy, the world’s leading French brandy, launches St-Rémy Signature, a new strategic product to inspire the 21st-century cocktail connoisseur. 

The idea for St-Rémy Signature came from the realisation that brandy had been the preserve of established spirits drinkers for too long. A lack of innovation elsewhere in the category had given brandy an ageing image. 

In response, St-Rémy decided to launch a new type of brandy to recruit a new generation of brandy drinkers who usually drink other dark spirits. 


St-Rémy is the world’s favourite and most prestigious French brandy, prized by connoisseurs and critics alike since 1886. Its style is characterised by a wide variety of vines and terroirs giving it complex and diverse aromatic notes. But, even with 130 years of brand history behind it, St-Rémy refuses to rest on its laurels.  

In April of 2021, St-Rémy Signature was accorded the honour of Best Brandy of the Year at the prestigious London Spirits Competition, one of the most critical events in the spirits world. Professional bartenders, mixologists, bar owners and consultants judged and assessed many brandies by their quality, taste, price and design – and St-Rémy Signature came out on top. 


Presented in a minimalist bottle, similar to whisky, bourbon and rum, St-Rémy Signature is the brandy for authentic moments of harmony. It is easy to share with family members or friends, without any fuss, just to unwind.  

The elegant bottle features an embossed lion and is sealed by a classic cork stopper with an engraved lion on the top. Powerful, elegant and noble, the king of beasts has been featured on St-Rémy’s historical bottle for decades.   

A grip at the neck highlights product origins with tricolour Fleur de Lys, with the look completed by a clean and refined label with a craft look & feel. 

Born from a love of terroir and respect for the land, this special liquid and its simple, refined packaging embody the simplicity and sustainability so important to today’s consumer. St-Rémy’s reinforced commitment to sustainability reflect parent company Rémy Cointreau’s “2025 Sustainable Exception” plan, with three key focus areas: sustainable agriculture, reduced carbon emissions, and eco-design. This helps make St-Rémy Signature more attractive to younger consumers, who prefer brands that reflect their values. 


St-Rémy Signature is the first original creation of Cécile Roudaut, Master Blender at St-Rémy.   

Cécile first joined the house of St-Rémy in 1997. Nearly two decades later, after having brilliantly helped with the creation of limited editions of St-Rémy. She was appointed Master Blender in 2016 by her retiring predecessor, the renowned Martine Pain. 

Cécile defines her role as Master Blender as follows: “I work on selecting eaux-de-vies and nurturing them as they mature…I then evaluate them and create blends that will ultimately become St-Rémy.” 

She is deeply aware of the expectations of her work.  

“St-Rémy is an elegant brandy combining tradition, history and a unique smoothness. I see it as my role to ensure our brandy retains its authenticity.”  

With St-Rémy SignatureCécile wanted to shape a new face for brandy. She explored new production processes and aromas while respecting St-Rémy traditions and its smooth historical profile. She decided to implement a double maturation process, carried in new oak casks and traditional brandy casks. 

While respecting French brandy-making traditions, I have added a maturation stage in small virgin oak barrels, which marks its distinction”, says Cecile.  

The first maturation in new oak casks delivers spicy notes, indulgence, and vivacity. The second maturation takes place in traditional brandy casks.  

Thanks to this double maturation process, the palate of St-Rémy Signature is subtle and round. Virgin woody notes are enriched with honey, nut and butter flavours, with notes of fresh and candied fruits. This perfect harmony makes St-Rémy Signature ideal for classic brandy cocktails and new and exciting examples of the art of mixology. 


The increasing adoption of cocktail culture, especially amongst Millennials, is one of the most significant factors driving global brandy market growth. Brandy still forms the base of many classic cocktails and new and innovative ones meant to attract a younger drinker. 

As Millennial consumers increasingly embrace brandy as an affordable premium spirit, top-flight bartenders and mixologists worldwide continue to innovate with it. 

In Australia, St-Rémy Signature aims to mark a turning point, attracting younger consumers who usually drink other dark spirits. St-Rémy Signature is here to rewrite expectations and provide bartenders and consumers alike with new mixology opportunities they will want to explore. 

The result is a smooth brandy with elegant notes of vanilla, a hint of toasted French oak and a velvety texture. It can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails, shared with your closest friends.” 

Cécile Roudaut – Master Blender – St-Rémy 



Luminous, bright-amber colour enhanced by fiery, red sparks. 


A sweet aroma composed of virgin wood and spices, such as vanilla, coconut or almond, and fresh fruit. 


Subtle and round. Virgin woody notes are enriched with honey, nut and butter flavours. Fruity aromas start fresh and then become candied. Sweet spices bring robust roundness and balance. 

Serving Suggestions 

Neat, on the rocks or in cocktails. Its perfect harmony makes it ideal for classic brandy cocktails or creations/other classics with a twist. 

As many classic cocktails come back into fashion, St-Rémy Signature will write a new chapter in their history. Here are just a few fine examples to offer your customers, or try at home, soon. 

St-Rémy Club Cocktail

The classic club cocktail – reinvented for a new generation.  

60ml St-Rémy Signature
15ml maraschino liqueur
15ml fresh pineapple juice
2 tsp superfine sugar 

How to make it: 
Shake hard with ice and fine strain into a chilled coupe.
Garnish with a pineapple leaf or wedge and aromatic bitters. 

St-Rémy French Metropolitan

This new take on a classic brandy cocktail omits the usual sugar syrup for a drier, more sophisticated finish.  

60ml St-Rémy Signature
30ml Rosso Antico sweet vermouth
3 dashes bitters 

How to make it:
Stir with cracked ice, strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass.
Garnish with a brandied cherry. 

St-Rémy Tin Train

Candied fruits with enlivening bitterness make a simply delectable pre-dinner cocktail. 

20ml St-Rémy Signature
20ml Italian bitters
20ml Amaro Montenegro
20ml fresh lemon juice 

How to make it: 
Shake hard with ice, fine strain into a chilled coupe glass.
Garnish with a fine slice of lemon. 

For more St Remy Signature cocktails, click here 

At Spirits Platform, we offer a curated selection of brands like St-Remy Signature to help you take advantage of the latest spirit and category trends. New branding, packaging and St-Rémy’s reinforced commitment to sustainability help make St-Rémy Signature even more attractive to younger consumers, who are prepared to pay more for products that reflect their values.  

At Spirit’s Platform, we’re here to help you ride the interest and excitement of this exceptional new spirit.  

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