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Aug 26, 2019

We’re proud to announce that several products in our premium portfolio of liqueurs & spirits are winners of the 2019 SIP Awards.

The SIP Awards are the only annual International Spirits Competition that presents a unique, spirit-judging competition, unaffected by industry bias. This pragmatic and refreshing model of evaluation provides an honest stage for feedback and recognition where top brands showcase their achievements.

These Awards were created with a simple question in mind, “What about the consumer’s opinion?” The goal was to fill this void, bringing the people who regularly consume your product together to decide which brands deserve this prestigious award. Set out to create a fair competition by strategically choosing consumers from all demographics, conceiving an event that cuts to the core of public opinion as a starting point, rather than an afterthought, in branding and product development.

In fact, 8 products from our portfolio are 2019 Award Winners.

In the Single Malt Whisky category:-


SILVER – The Macallan Double Cask 12YO

It is often said that when two worlds come together, they create something magical, or simply extraordinary. For The Macallan, this is the absolute truth behind their new 12 year old single malt; The Macallan Double Cask. This is a single malt which tells the story of a journey; a story which brings together different worlds. To create Double Cask, The Macallan bring new oak from America across thousands of miles to Spain, where oak casks are crafted and sherry seasoned before travelling to our distillery on Speyside to mature for twelve years. These whiskies are then harmoniously united with those aged in the very best sherry seasoned European oak casks. The delicate flavour of American oak – vanilla, citrus and light oak – rises in prominence as the traditional Macallan character of rich fruit, sherry and wood spice affords a familiar back drop. This is a flavour combination which is guaranteed until the very last drop.


DOUBLE GOLD – The Macallan Rare Cask

Crafted from 16 different cask styles, the broadest spectrum of cask profiles ever used to make a single Macallan whisky which imparts unique influences resulting in a drinking experience that is both rewarding and incomparable. Casks that have been individually hand selected for the character imparted to the Macallan spirit maturing within, with less than 1% of the casks maturing at the distillery have been identified as fitting to bestow the Rare Cask name.

View The Macallan Range here.

In the Liqueurs category:-


BEST OF CLASS – PLATINUM – Villa Massa limoncello

Villa Massa, the world’s #1 authentic premium limoncello, still adheres to the traditional family recipe, and uses only the peels of organically grown Sorrento Lemons, purified water, alcohol and sugar to produce their limoncello. Respect for tradition and scrupulous care of raw materials make Villa Massa leader in the production of limoncello. Limoncello of Sorrento is in fact made using only lemons grown in one of the municipalities of the Sorrento peninsula, and in ‘island of Capri.


Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur

Fiorente is produced by the Francoli Distillery in north-west Italy. The Francoli family have been handcrafting spirits in the Alps since 1875. Fiorente was created to make the perfectly balanced elderflower spritz. It has a lower sugar content than most other elderflower liqueurs. Fiorente is unique due to the complexity of the formula which includes Italian lemon peel and fresh mint in the infusion, giving a wonderful zesty finish. Made with wild elderflowers grown in the foothills of the Alps, Fiorente is the must-have ingredient for the best Italian Elderflower Spritz.

All the ingredients that go into the making of Fiorente are entirely natural. The elderflowers are dried and taken to our carbon-neutral distillery where they are infused in alcohol and left to macerate. Fresh mint leaves and Sicilian lemon peel are infused separately to extract the aromas then all the distillates are slowly blended together. We only use alcohol of agricultural origin which has been distilled to our specification. As a final touch, honey from our own vineyards is added to give the liqueur its unique sweetness.

Fiorente liqueur is a fresh, aromatic and very enjoyable liqueur that can be enjoyed in the Hugo Cocktail.


DOUBLE GOLD – Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream

DOUBLE GOLD – Mozart Chocolate Cream

PLATINUM – Mozart Dark Chocolate Cream

BRONZE – Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry

First-class chocolate liqueurs from Austria: we believe that we owe it to our brand name, Mozart, to achieve the highest quality and perfection. Mozart chocolate liqueurs are a homage to Mozart and to his birthplace, Salzburg. Behind every single bottle stands 150 years of experience of the spirits industry. Continuous improvement and the unremitting passion for innovation have made the brand what it is today – the global market leader in chocolate spirits. Mozart chocolate liqueurs are renowned as the best way to enjoy chocolate. And many cocktail recipes call on these fine Salzburg liqueurs for their unmistakable chocolate notes.

View the Mozart Range here.


Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur


To view all 2019 winners, click here. For more information about SIP Awards, click here.

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