Mount Gay

For more than three centuries, Mount Gay has perpetuated a long-standing Barbadian tradition, producing the world’s oldest rum. Only the finest sugar cane molasses and pure water filtered through the coral heart of the island are selected to create Mount Gay rums. The distillery name honours the pioneering Sir John Gay who perfected the distinctive Mount Gay style. All Mount Gay rums are made from a blend of single column and double copper pot distillates and matured in toasted oak barrels.

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Eclipse is the reference for character, body and aroma by which our Master Blender Allen Smith uses to blend every variety of Mount Gay Rum. For many rum enthusiasts Eclipse is also the reference by which all rum should be measured. Eclipse has brilliant golden amber colour and a luxuriously complex aroma. Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, the brand flagship and the epitome of tradition in the art of rum-making in Barbados and the English-speaking Caribbean, was created in Barbados in 1910 to please the palates of connoisseurs the world over.


Mount Gay Silver is made from only the finest sugar cane & pure coral-filtered spring water. It is distilled from both column stills & copper pot stills and then filtered three times – a special complex method that ensures an incomparable smoothness and separates Mount Gay Eclipse Silver from other ‘classic’ white rums. Clean and aromatic in contrast to Eclipse’s rich smokiness, Silver offers a balanced, mellow harmony of sugar cane syrup and banana, infused with notes of peppermint and citrus.


Black Barrel is a unique small batch, handcrafted blend rum from Mount Gay. Like all Mount Gay Rums, double pot and single column distillates are aged separately in their own toasted oak, whiskey barrels until they reach maturity. When the rums have matured, Master Blender Allen Smith mixes a higher proportion of double distillates to create the Black Barrel blend. This blend of distillates is then aged a second time, in deeply charred Bourbon oak barrels. Ensuring the toasted wood, oaky vanilla, sweet caramel and peppery notes are brought out in this finished barrel.


This is the reference in aged rums; a masterpiece crafted from a unique distillation process that has remained unchanged for three centuries to which human passion and craftsmanship have been added. If time is one of the main ingredients in the elaboration of great rums, Mount Gay Extra Old is the fruit of one artist, our Master Blender Allen Smith. He handpicks the most mature rums and assembles them in such a way as to reproduce each time a unique and perfect balance.


Blended entirely from the treasures of Mount Gay’s prized reserves, each one created from the golden sugarcane and coral filtered water of Barbados and then aged for 10 to 30 years, 1703 is a masterpiece of utter sumptuousness, a nectar of the oldest rums created by the oldest rum house in the world. Given 5 stars by F.Paul Pacult, renowned writer and expert on distilled spirits.