Celebrating the margarita with the Cointreau Margarita kombi

Feb 21, 2022
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Cointreau, the liqueur at the heart of one of Australia’s favourite cocktails, the Margarita, is touring Australia with the ultimate Margarita and Taco pop up Kombi. A customised retro Cointreau Margarita VW Kombi will be hitting the streets this year to celebrate the Margarita and bring the authentic taste of a genuine Margarita to Australians up and down the East Coast.

The legendary Margarita is already one of Australia’s beloved cocktails. And over the last year, the love affair has only grown, with searches for Margarita recipes up by 83%! The Original Margarita was created in 1948 by American socialite Margarita Sames for a star-studded pool party in Acapulco. It has remained unchanged ever since: tequila blanco, fresh lime juice, a salt rim – and the critical ingredient, Cointreau. Margarita would never sully her favourite drink with an inferior triple-sec. In a Margarita – as in so many other cocktails – Cointreau acts as a flavour amplifier, bringing balance, depth and unrivalled freshness to the mix. As Margarita Sames so famously proclaimed,

“A Margarita without Cointreau isn’t worth its salt.”

So why should you settle for anything less? Insist on Cointreau – and make sure your Margarita is the real deal. To showcase the versatility of this iconic tipple, the Cointreau Margarita Kombi will be serving up three tasty Margarita variations.

On the menu is the Original Margarita, a Spicy Margarita with Jalapeno, and a fruity frozen Passionfruit Margarita, which blends the complex flavour notes of Cointreau the with a tropical touch of Passoã passionfruit liqueur.

To accompany this fine selection of Margaritas, the Cointreau Margarita Kombi will also offer delicious tacos created by chef Melinda Essey. Melinda spent considerable time travelling and cooking in Guatemala and Central America, developing her passion for Central and South American cuisine. Her menu includes a Chicken Taco with tomatillo salsa, pickled red onion, slaw and lime crema. For vegetarians, there’s a Chilli Black Bean Taco with tomatillo salsa, pickled red onion and slaw, and the classic Guac & Tortilla Chips.

You can choose from 3 different Kombo’s:

  • Your choice of Margarita plus Guac & Tortilla Chips – $12
  • Your choice of Margarita plus Chicken or Chilli Black Bean Taco – $15
  • A Margarita tasting box with your choice of Taco plus Guac and & Chips – $22

An East Coast Adventure – #OnlywithCointreau

The Cointreau Margarita Kombi will be touring up and down the East Coast, with its first stop in Sydney from February. 

The Cointreau Margarita Kombi will head south to Victoria in April, inviting Melbournians to sample its delicious Margaritas and tacos, then head back north to Queensland from June. All locations along the way will be announced via social media, allowing Margarita lovers to experience an authentic Margarita plus some fantastic food and snap a selfie tagged #OnlywithCointreau.

Sat 19 – Sun 20 Mar | Harbour View Hotel | 18 Fort St, Dawes Point | 2 – 6pm

Fri 1 – Sat 2 Apr | Loquita | 17 Garema Pl, Canberra | 12 – 9pm

Sun 3 Apr | Loquita | 17 Garema Pl, Canberra | 12 – 6pm

Sat 23 – Sun 24 Apr | Camden Valley Inn | 290 Remembrance Drive, Cawdor | 3-7pm

Thu 26 May – Sun 16 June | Vivid | Terrace On The Domain

Fri 23 – Sat 24 June | 10am -6pm | Good Food And Wine Show Sydney | ICC

Sun 25 June | 10am – 5pm | Good Food And Wine Show Sydney | ICC

The Cointreau Margarita Kombi will also be giving hardworking Sydneysiders the chance to enjoy some ‘Friday Office Margs’, Guac & Tortilla Chips after work. From early February, workers in the Sydney CBD will be able to nominate their office for the chance to score a ‘Friday Office Margs’ visit from the Cointreau Margarita Kombi on a Friday afternoon, for a perfect start to the weekend.‘Friday Office Margs’ – with the Cointreau Margarita Kombi

To nominate your office for the ‘Friday Office Margs’ visit from the Cointreau Margarita Kombi, email your nomination to: cointreau@margaritas.live or PM us on our Cointreau Facebook Page. For more information, follow us on Facebook.

A Margarita like no other

This year the Margarita is up two places to the number 5 most-ordered cocktail in 100 of the world’s best bars. It’s not hard to see why. When you taste an authentic Margarita made with Cointreau, you can’t go back. There’s something about Cointreau’s depth and complexity that adds a refreshing richness and balance to this classic cocktail and hundreds more.

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