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Feb 7, 2023
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Regarding the spirits and liqueurs you range, industry and consumer awards can be a great indication of a brand’s quality, potential, and value to your business and your customers alike. At Spirits Platform, we’re delighted to offer a portfolio of brands that continue to claim world-renowned awards that provide value, across numerous categories from whiskies to cognacs, tequila, gin, and liqueur.

Single Malts with award-winning Viking spirit

In the Windswept Orkney islands, Highland Park Distillery makes whisky like their Viking ancestors did, hand turning every shovel of barley and hand cutting every spadeful of peat to create whisky with award-winning DNA – a wild harmony of heather honey, rich fruitcake, and aromatic peat smoke. At the world-renown 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, no less than four Highland Park single malts took Double Gold:

Highland Park 12-Year-Old  – A mature fruity yet smoky character.

Highland Park 15-Year-Old – Warm, spicy notes with a balance of sweet vanilla.

Highland Park 18-Year-Old – Lingering layers of sweet, honeyed malt wrapped up in subtle floral peat smoke.

Highland Park 21-Year-Old – Bright aromas of tangy ginger and sun-ripened oranges, with a fine layer of vanilla cream and golden honey. A hint of nutty toasted oak softens the smoky and spicy complexity.

An award-winning statement of the whisky maker’s craft

Since 1879 The Glenrothes distillery has made no-nonsense, finely crafted single malt, nurtured in tall copper stills. By leaving their spirit in the stills for longer than strictly necessary, The Glenrothes eliminates more impurities, allowing a lighter, fruitier spirit to emerge.

At the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, The Glenrothes distinctive house style claimed:

Double Gold for The Glenrothes 18-Year-Old – Sweet vanilla, pear and fresh ginger character. A multi-dimensional flavour experience.

Gold for The Glenrothes 25-Year-Old – heady woody notes, with lighter notes of citrus and tropical fruits shining through, with coriander seeds, violets and hint of salted caramel on the palate.

Silver for The Glenrothes 12-Year-Old – matured only in sherry seasoned oak casks with a character of vanilla, banana, lemon, melon, and cinnamon.

Silver for The Glenrothes Whisky Maker’s Cut – Bottled at their preferred strength of 48.8% ABV, with flavours of rich, spicy, creamy vanilla and orange peel.

Award-winning whisky for a new generation

At Naked Malt, they believe in the freedom to do things differently. With a Double Gold at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, it’s clearly working.

Naked Malt is combination of some of the world’s finest single malts, including The Macallan, Highland Park and The Glenrothes. Instead of the pre-used bourbon casks used by other blended malt makers, the blend is aged in ‘Naked’ first-fill sherry casks, adding a layer of rich fruit flavour.  The result is a versatile, premium liquid, attracting a new generation of whisky drinkers and becoming the world’s fastest-growing contemporary whisky1.

Naked Malt
A buttery nose with toffee, apples, sweet spice, leads to vanilla custard, stewed fruit, and raisins on the palate, finishing with sweet, sherried spice.

The unrelenting cognac quality of Rémy Martin XO

France’s Rémy Martin XO Fine Champagne Cognac remains unstoppable in the growing cognac and brandy category. In 2022 it won Double Gold, the Distillery of the Year, Cognac of the Year, and Brandy/Cognac Producer of the Year awards at the Bartender Spirits Awards.

Rémy Martin XO is composed of over 400 Eau-de-vie coming exclusively from the highest-quality vineyards of Cognac, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne.

Rémy Martin XO – The Icon

Aromas of late summer fruits, combined with rich floral notes of white flowers such as Jasmine. The perfect expression of Fine Champagne opulence with mature flavours of juicy plums, candied oranges, and a hint of hazelnuts and cinnamon.

Rémy Martin VSOP – the Cognac that punches above its weight

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the VSOP in question also comes from the House of Rémy Martin. Ultimate Spirits Challenge awarded Rémy Martin VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac its Great Value  Award in 2022, stating: “The complexity and richness of VSOP make it a capable—and much less expensive—substitute for an older XO cognac. It tastes older than its years, making it a sophisticated sipper.” says, “Rémy Martin’s VSOP has the maturity of an excellent XO at a fraction of the price.”

Rémy Martin VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac
Notes of grilled almonds and warm, spicy notes of cinnamon. On the palate, dry fruits intermingle with oaky notes creating a well-balanced expression of complexity and depth, with dense texture and long, intense finish.

Award-winning Tequila – Australia’s most loved tequila

As Tequila grows in popularity, more and more expensive aged brands are popping up on shelves and in bars. But when it comes to Tequila-based cocktails like the classic Margarita, you can’t go past Sierra Tequila, winner of many international awards. Sierra Tequila Blanco and Sierra Tequila Reposado both claimed Silver at the 2022 Tequila & Mezcal Masters.

What makes Sierra Tequila unique is its complex, traditional production process, in which best tequilana weber azúl agaves from the highlands of Jalisco are gently double-distilled in copper stills.

Sierra Tequila Silver
A full, fruity, fresh aroma is dominated by a subtle chili note with slight hints of green apple and young pineapple. Nuances of pepper give Sierra Tequila Silver that certain something.

To satisfy the growing thirst for artisanal 100% Agave Tequila, Spirits Platform is now also proud to offer FOUR new award-winning premium and super-premium tequilas. From the house of Sierra also come Sierra Antiguo Plata (Silver) and Sierra Antiguo Añejo (Aged), grown free of artificial fertilizers and industrial irrigation for up to 7 years before being harvested by hand and distilled in the copper pot stills of the family-run distillery.

Sierra Antiguo Plata (Silver) – Gold Medal 2022 Tequila & Mezcal Masters

Velvety smooth for a young product, Sierra Antiguo Plata impresses with a fresh smell, which carries a fruity sweetness. On the palate, citrus and a clear agave note are rounded off by a soft taste in the finish.

Sierra Antiguo Añejo (Aged) – Master Medal 2022 Tequila & Mezcal Masters

After distillation, Sierra Antiguo Añejo is aged up to two years in small oak barrels, giving it its inimitable aroma, versatile character and full-bodied profile. The flavour bouquet reveals an interplay of vanilla, oranges, cloves and pepper, leading up to a fruity finish.

Brand new to our portfolio from the house of Mijenta comes award-winning Mijenta Reposado and Mijenta Blanco artisanal tequilas. Made from 100% agave, it’s carbon neutral and dedicated to minimising environmental impacts, the Mijenta is BCorp certified as using business for good.

Mijenta Blanco

Robb Report Best of the Best Winner 2021

Gold USA Spirits rating 2020

97/100 Points from Tasting Panel Magazine

Bright and transparent with a powerful body Intense aromas of cooked agave vanilla and caramel, floral and fruity notes of canteloupe and peaches.  Rich flavours of cooked agave, vanilla, fresh fruit and spices like cinnamon.

Mijenta Reposado

Master Medal Tequila & Mezcal Masters 2022

Awarded coveted ‘Brand of Promise’ Gold by Tequila Aficionado 2021

99/100 Points from Tasting Panel Magazine

A light golden hue that is bright and transparent. a delicate and inviting vanilla nose features notes of bergamot, honey, preserved fruits and orange blossoms. rich flavours of cooked agave a comma honey, and vanilla with a mid-palate of cacao nibs and a long and generous finish.

New awards plus a new bottle for Cointreau

– the original orange liqueur that has stood the test of time

 With over 170 years of expertise and 300 medals won since its founding, Cointreau is an icon of any decent bar or liquor cabinet. And now, probably the most beloved and awarded liqueur of all time has unveiled a historic redesign of its iconic bottle, made of two-thirds recycled glass. For the first time since Cointreau’s birth in 1849, the label now depicts Cointreau’s key ingredient – the orange – and a QR code that grants instant access to a dedicated online experience to Find your Perfect Cocktail.

For ease of pouring, the shape of the bottle has also been lengthened without increasing its weight – a major technical challenge and achievement.

And on top of the new look, Cointreau has recently received 3 new distinctions:

Gold Medal Winner (Liqueurs) at the International Spirits Challenge Tasting Awards 2022.
98/100 and the Chairman’s Trophy in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2022.
Silver Medal in the 4th Bartender Spirits Awards 2022.

Silky, almost creamy on the palate, with beautifully balanced notes of orange zest and candied orange. A balanced blend of sweet and bitter flavours creates a pleasantly fresh sensation.

The world’s Top-selling Italian liqueur

It’s the world’s favourite Italian liqueur and one of the fastest-growing liqueur brands in Australia*. Now, in a fitting tribute to its success, Disaronno has been nominated as Spirit Brand/Distiller of the Year in Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Star Awards 2022.

This recognition highlights Disaronno’s rapid gains and increasing popularity with leading bartenders and consumers, both on and off-premise. Its velvety smooth taste and unmistakable aroma gave Disaronno the reputation of the world’s favourite Italian liqueur, as proudly stated on its label.

Disaronno Originale
Bright and lively sweet almond aromas, leading to soft, sweet flavours of almond and marzipan without being cloying, with a nutty, toasted back note on the finish.

World-beating gin – from a whisky distillery!

Can artisanal whisky makers also make an award-winning gin? Wild, foraged and distilled, Islay dry gin The Botanist Islay Dry Gin occupies a truly unique place in world gin culture. Crafted in a beaten-up old pot still at the famous Bruichladdich whisky distillery on the fabled Isle of Islay, The Botanist has most recently won Gold in the 2021 USA Spirits Ratings, which single out spirits brands that offer both the trade and the consumer exceptional quality plus great value.

The Botanist is created from 22 hand-foraged local botanicals, delicately augmented by nine berries, barks, seeds and peels during an achingly slow distillation. The result is a rich and mellow taste with notes of apple, mint, juniper, coriander, and honey on the nose.

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin
Satin-smooth, gliding over the palate like no gin you have ever tried before. Sweet, delicate menthol, apple mint, spring woodlands, juniper, coriander with aniseed undertones, lemon and orange peel, a bouquet of summer flowers, honey from thistle, coconut from gorse, wild mint, and summer meadows.

From ‘mad’ idea to the world’s most awarded premium gin

Served yet another tepid, lack-lustre gin-and-tonic, gin-lover, bon-vivant and innovator Martin Miller had an idea.  “I’m going to make a gin made from the heart where time and money won’t be an object. We’ll find England’s best distiller, source the finest botanicals and most importantly, we’ll go for the purest water, wherever it is.” You’re mad”, replied his friends, “Let’s do it”. And Martin Miller’s Gin, the world’s first super-premium gin and most-awarded gin brand, was born.

In the 21 years since then, Martin Miller’s Gin has consistently won more awards in the world’s leading spirit competitions than any other gin. In 2022 alone, Martin Miller’s collected 17 new awards, for a total of 171 Awards since 2004, across their impressive gin stable. The secret to Martin Miller’s success is its unconventional approach. Martin Miller’s distils its botanicals in two separate batches, then blends them to perfection with Icelandic spring water, the purest water in the world. The result is an exceptionally smooth but intensely flavoured gin that makes for an outstanding gin and tonic or gin martini.

Martin Miller’s Gin – Gold 2022 International Wine and Spirits Council (IWSC)
Aromas of citrus joined by spicy hints of coriander and cinnamon give way to juniper and citrus on the plate. Mouth-filling and creamy with a spicy finish moderated by citrus notes.

Martin Miller’s Westbourne Dry Gin – Gold 2022 International Wine and Spirits Council (IWSC)
Aromas of grapefruit peel, marmalade, earthy juniper, and a kick of cardamom. Sweet juniper, orange peel, and peppercorn on the palate, leading to a crisp and refreshing finish with fragrant herbs and cracked black pepper.

Two new whisk(e)y additions to our Portfolio:

Platinum and Gold awarded whiskey from The Busker. In the centuries-old history of whiskey production in Ireland, single-grain and single-malt whiskies have always featured heavily. Now Spirits Platform is proud to offer awarded examples of both.

The Busker Single Malt Whiskey

Double Gold 2021 New York International Spirits Competition

Gold San 2021 Francisco World Spirits Competition

Best Irish Whisky 2020 LA Spirit Awards

Platinum 2020 LA Spirit Awards

The Busker Single Malt whiskey is matured in bourbon and sherry casks to create incredible complexity, starting with fruity notes that lead to an explosion of pine essence and malt biscuit. The palate is very intense, with rich, chocolate notes and concludes with a sweet and creamy finish.

The Busker Single Grain Whiskey

Silver World Whiskies Awards 2021

Silver San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021

The Busker Single Grain whiskey is a light, pale straw-coloured whiskey with a beautiful, sweet finish. The taste begins by offering sweet caramel, with the palate moving to moving to soft notes of vanilla, oak, caramel, and hay. The finish is a long, dry, and beautifully sweet.

Just-released: the new Octomore 13 Series

No other range of single malt scotch whisky does it quite like Octomore! Super heavily peated, matured for five years and bottled close to cask strength, Octomore defies received whisky wisdom to deliver single malts of great complexity and surprising elegance. The new Octomore 13 series is sure to be awarded high praise by your peat-loving customers, offering an incredible range of flavour notes tied together with complex smoky threads.

Octomore 13.1 Single Malt Scotch whisky is patiently distilled from the 2015 harvest of 100% Scottish Mainland barley, malted to a stratospheric 137.3 PPM and matured in the highest quality American oak casks.

Octomore 13.2 Single Malt Scotch whisky offers an alternative maturation to the structural brilliance delivered by its 13.1 counterparts. In an indulgent point of difference, the five-year-old spirit has spent its entire maturing life in Oloroso butts from Fernando de Castilla, Spain.

Octomore 13.3 Single Malt Scotch whisky demonstrates the phenomenal force of flavour when combining super-heavy peat with grain raised by a friend and farmer James Brown on one singular farm. Expect vanilla and brown sugar, counterbalanced with fresh and round green fruit notes. The smoke is, as ever, gentle and dry, building to a long finish with hints of creosote and sea spray.

Award-winners across the entire spirits portfolio

At Spirits Platform, we take pride in offering of a compelling range of brands that are also award winners, recognised by the industry for their quality and sales potential. If you’d like to stock any or all these award-winning brands, contact your local Spirits Platform State Manager. If you’d like to know more about our portfolio, or need education for you or your staff, please contact the relevant Spirits Academy Brand Ambassador in your state. You can also keep in touch with the latest trends and new releases and take advantage of exclusive offers by subscribing at

*IWSR 2020

Spirits Academy

Brand Ambassador Mark Hickey

Mark Hickey

National Brand Ambassadorial Manager
Brand Ambassador NSW Josh O'Brien

Josh Varna

NSW Brand Ambassador

Max Borrowman

VIC Brand Ambassador

Jack Creighton

QLD Brand Ambassador

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