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Feb 7, 2020

Established in 1972, Drinks International is the only magazine devoted exclusively to the global spirits, wines and beers market. This makes it the go-to publication for international drinks buyers, bar managers, mixologists, distributors and retailers.

Recently Drinks International released its much-anticipated Annual Brands Report 2020. Now in its eleventh year, the Report provides valuable insights into the drinks the world’s best bars are buying and selling. To arrive at this list of top performers, owners, bar managers and head bartenders are asked to rank their three best-selling products in each spirit category.

Most importantly, the report features not just the top selling, but also the top trending spirit brands in the world – the brands that are hot right now.

A very high number of these super-hot, top-trending spirit brands have one thing in common – they’re distributed here in Australia by…us! In fact, in every spirit category from whisky to gin, from rum to liqueurs, Spirits Platform have the right mix to help grow your sales, and your business.

In fact, no matter who your clientele are, you’ll find a selection of the strongest brands in every category – brands that can help you sell more in your store or venue.

For example, if your customers favour whisky, suggest The Macallan – the world’s #1 Top Trending Scotch and the world’s #3 Top Selling Whisky.

On the Cognac front we have Louis XIII Cognac, an exquisite blend of up to 1,200 grapes eaux-de-vie sourced 100% from Grande Champagne, the first cru of the Cognac region. Each decanter is the life achievement of generations of Cellar Masters. From the legendary house of Remy Martin,Remy Martin Cognac is the #2 top-selling and #2 top-trending Cognac in the finest bars world. In brandies, we offer Metaxa 12 Stars, the #2 top-selling and #2 top-trending brandy.

And the list goes on:

Best Selling Brands1

Best Selling Scotch Whisky – #3 The Macallan

Best Selling Liqueur – #2 Chartreuse, #3 Cointreau

Best Selling Cognac – #2 Remy Martin

Best Selling Brandy – #2 Metaxa

Best Selling Gin – #6 The Botanist

Best Selling Rum – #8 Mount Gay Rum 

Top Trending Brands1

Top Trending Scotch – #1 The Macallan

Top Trending Cognac – #2 Remy Martin

Top Trending Brandy – #2 Metaxa

Top Trending Liqueur – #3 Chartreuse, #5 Cointreau

Top Trending Gin – #6 The Botanist

At Spirits Platform, we’re passionate about offering your business the brands people want.

Licor 43 – currently the fastest growing premium liqueur in the world2 is growing in popularity due to its versatility in making great tasting cocktails. Licor 43 uses a secret family recipe of 43 natural ingredients, which includes selected Mediterranean citrus fruits and botanicals. It’s a key ingredient in the refreshing new Passoa Martini, the recipe for which you’ll find further down in this article.

Another strongly performing brand represented by Spirits Platform is Disaronno – the fastest growing brand in the liqueur category in Australia3, according to Drinks Trade MagazineDisaronno has sold an additional 702,000 litres in Australia in the last 12 months and enjoyed 23% value growth year on year3. Since the 1600’s, Italy’s Reina family has closely guarded the secret formula, passing it from one generation to the next. Disaronno’s growth has been driven by an enviable marketing campaign, and Spirits Platform can help you take advantage of the results.

Spirits Platform is a spirits company – it says it in the name. But spirit, in our business, runs deeper than liquid in a bottle. We like to partner with businesses who share the same energy, enthusiasm and determination to make their business successful, so we strive to offer our customers the best, and partner with them because we share the same values.

That’s why it’s important we keep you up to date with what’s trending, what’s being talked about, and what’s selling well in other markets.

As highlighted by the Drinks International Report mentioned above, our premium portfolio of products  includes the highest-quality whiskies, liqueurs and spirits (including vodkas, gins, rum, brandy).

From the top-trending scotch –The Macallan – to the most well known liqueur in the world –Cointreau – we’ve got an extensive range to suit a huge variety of tastes and preferences.

Spirits Platform brings you every bartender’s weapon of choice – Chartreuse, a unique liqueur with abstract flavours that transforms any cocktail into a masterpiece. Speaking of which, here’s a classic cocktail that debuted on the list the Top Classic Cocktails list in this year’s Drinks International Annual Brands Report. It’s The Last Word – an easy to make classic that’s a little sweet, a little sour, and a lot tasty.

The Last Word

20mL Green Chartreuse
20mL The Botanist Gin
20mL Maraschino
20mL Fresh Lime Juice

Shake the ingredients with ice cubes, then pour into a glass, filtering off the ice. Serve in a martini glass. Best made with freshly squeezed lime juice. Sounds like a perfect mix, doesn’t it? Don’t forget Passoã passionfruit liqueur, the key ingredient in the UK’s most popular cocktail – the Pornstar Martini.

Passoa Pornstar Martini

30mL Passoã Passionfruit Liqueur
30mL Vodka
10mL Licor 43
20mL Lime juice
30mL Prosecco (Sparkling Wine)
½ fresh passionfruit

Add ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake well. Garnish with ½ Passionfruit shell floating in the cocktail. Serve with a shot of Prosecco (Sparkling wine) on the side to sip as you enjoy the cocktail.


Contact your local Spirits Platform representative today to take advantage of a great portfolio of top-selling, top-trending brands, in-depth industry experience and insights, plus a level of agility and flexibility you can only offer when you’re small enough to care.

With almost 100 years of combined liquor industry experience, our senior management team has the skills and extensive industry knowledge to bring you the right brands at the right time. All backed up with highly creative and innovative marketing campaigns that get customers asking for the latest thing and keep product flying off your shelves or over your bar.

We’re here to help give your customers something they’ve never had before, to help you offer them a new experience.

To inject some new spirit into your business and take advantage of the top-selling, top-trending brands from the Spirits International, Annual Brands Report 2020, contact your State Manager.


1 Drinks International Annual Brands Report 2020. 2 6% sales increase, CAGR 2015-18 (IWSR 2018). 3 Drinks Trade: Hottest 100 Brands in Australia 2020

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