Easter cocktail ideas for your venue

Apr 4, 2022
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This Easter treat your patrons to something extra special, from frothy sours to chocolate martinis and negronis! Just pick from our list of Easter cocktails that best suit your venue. Or mix and match to create your own Easter cocktail menu. We’ll be giving you Easter Cocktail ideas for Pubs & Bistros, Style Bars, and Niche Bars.

Let the Easter-licious fun begin!

Easter Cocktails for Pubs & Bistros

To kick off our Easter cocktail extravaganza, let’s look at some recipes perfect for the relaxed, casual atmosphere of your pub or bistro venue.

As Australians increasingly switch to low alcohol options, the sassy spritz has become a staple. Here’s a great example of this growing trend that you can offer this Easter.

Fiorente Spritz

Balanced and floral with a hint of citrus, the delicious Fiorente Spritz is perfect to offer as a sharing jug. Its primary ingredient is Fiorente, an all-natural Italian liqueur made of wild elderflower blossoms from the Italian Alps. Fiorente’s formula includes mint, lemon and lime infusions, adding a zesty finish to its delightfully floral and herbal character. With an ABV of only 20%, it’s the perfect base for a lower-alcohol alternative on your Easter Cocktail list.

200mL Fiorente
400mL Prosecco
200mL soda water
8 thick lime wedges
Mint leaves
Serves 4 people

Fill a cocktail jug with ice and add the Fiorente, prosecco, and soda water. Squeeze in the lime wedges, mix and garnish with mint leaves.

Bartenders Tip:
To put a twist on this refreshing spritz, top with Cranberry juice.

Chartreuse Green Chaud

How do you make an Easter visit to your venue even more memorable? Offer your patrons the most incredibly appetising hot chocolate they’ve ever tasted! The Chartreuse Green Chaud (French for hot!) will delight their tastebuds.

Green Chartreuse is an incredibly unique liqueur – the only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour and complex, delicious herbaceous flavour unlike anything else. Green Chartreuse is made from 130 herbs and plants known only to two Carthusian monks. To safeguard the recipe, the two monks are never allowed to travel together in the same car or plane.

30 mL Green Chartreuse
150 mL fine hot chocolate
Whipped cream
Cocoa powder

Pour the hot chocolate up to 3/4 of the mug. Pour the Green Chartreuse and stir. Top with whipped cream. Sprinkle with cocoa.

Bartenders Tip
Garnish with marshmallows for an extra scrumptious touch.

Licor 43 Horchata – neat on ice

Amid all the chocolatey, milky goodness of Easter, what do your customers do if they’re vegan? Or coeliac? Or gluten and nut intolerant? Licor 43 Horchata provides the perfect solution.  Light, refreshing, and easy to drink, Licor 43 Horchata is a vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free Spanish liqueur. Creamy, refreshing, complex, and subtly sweet, Horchata delivers touches of spices and citrus combined. This deliciously light, silky liqueur is traditionally consumed on ice – a refreshing and super-tasty way to drink it.

Easter Cocktails for Style Bars

To match the stylish nature of your venue, we’ve curated some retro classics – with a modern twist – starting with the timeless and delectable.


White Lady

The White Lady, mixed by the actress Lilian Harvey, won a cocktail competition in Berlin in April 1930. It was then published in the Savoy Cocktail Book and can still be ordered at that famous London hotel to this day.

In a classic White Lady, Cointreau, the gin, and lemon hit all the right notes, merging the 22 hand-foraged botanicals of The Botanist Gin with the sweetness of orange and tartness of lemon. The choice of Cointreau vs other triple-secs is crucial, as Cointreau’s natural complexity acts as a flavour amplifier to unify all the other ingredients. The egg white smooths any rough edges and yields a rich, silky body.

30ml Cointreau
30ml The Botanist Gin
30ml fresh lemon juice
1 egg white

Add the gin, Cointreau, lemon juice, and egg white into a shaker and dry shake. Add ice and shake again until well-chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Bartender’s Tip
Try “dry-shaking” all the ingredients without ice to best incorporate the egg before shaking again with fresh ice. This initial shake helps to emulsify the egg to create the perfect frothy layer on top.


Disaronno Sour

A sour is a balanced concoction of a base spirit, water, sugar and citrus. This epitome of retro style fits perfectly with stylish, atmospheric venues.

Nowadays, this heritage cocktail comes in many variations – of which the Disaronno Sour is one of the most popular. Disaronno is the fastest-growing liqueur brand in Australia1. Since 1525, Disaronno’s warm, sophisticated taste traces its lineage back to the Renaissance with a recipe that hasn’t changed.

Disaronno Sour is a favourite amongst amaretto-flavoured liqueur lovers and requires only a few ingredients. Disaronno is an excellent option for low-alcohol cocktails.

50mL Disaronno Liqueur
25mL fresh lemon juice
5mL sugar syrup
1 egg white (optional)
1 maraschino (glazed) cherry

Add ingredients into a cocktail shaker & dry shake (without ice). Then add ice into the shaker & shake again. Pour into a tumbler. Garnish with a cherry.

Bartender’s Tip
Dry shaking first without ice helps the egg white emulsify the drink.

Easter Cocktails for Niche Bars

Whether you’re a tiny, fashionable hole-in-the-wall or a larger boutique venue, these three Easter-perfect offerings will delight your sophisticated patrons.

Passoa Passionfruit & White Chocolate Martini

Welcome to a new spin on a timeless tipple. This new take on the classic martini combines passionfruit and white chocolate to create a genuinely luscious Easter libation. Made with natural passionfruit, Passoã is a passionfruit liqueur. Passoã brings full-bodied passionfruit sweetness and zest to the palate. In this delicious martini, Passoã’s intensely stimulating flavour meets the aromatic caramel, fresh cream and fruity overtones of Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream.

20ml Passoã Passionfruit liqueur
20ml Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream liqueur
15ml Vodka
20ml Egg Whites
30ml Passionfruit Puree
15ml Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and shake vigorously. Double strain into chilled white chocolate rimmed Martini glass.

Chocolate Negroni

How do you make a Negroni even better? How about a hint of chocolate? the Chocolate Negroni is simply divine. It’s a truly divine concoction that is rich without being oversweet.

This recipe replaces the usual Campari with complex and delicious Select Aperitivo, balancing sweet and bitter notes mingled with vanilla, cardamom, and ginger root. These combine with the delicately bitter dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla notes of Mozart Dark Chocolate liqueur and Martin Miller’s Gin, which has consistently won more awards for excellence than any other gin in the last 15 years. The result is a cocktail that is truly unforgettable.

20ml Martin Miller’s Gin
20ml Select Aperitivo
20ml Rosso Antico vermouth
10ml Mozart Dark Chocolate liqueur

Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into glass over a chunk of block ice.

St-Remy Brandy Alexander

Perfect for Autumn gatherings, this classic retro tipple gets a modern easter upgrade, creating something both decadent and complex. The richness of Mozart Chocolate Cream and cream mingle beautifully with St-Remy Signature brandy’s notes of honey, nuts, butter and candied fruit.

40mL St-Remy Signature brandy
20mL Mozart Dark Chocolate liqueur
30mL heavy cream

Shake & fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with grated nutmeg

The Chocolate Martini

To wrap up our easter cocktails offering, here’s one final chocolate delight – an Easter Egg for grownups in a glass!

30mL Mozart Chocolate Cream​ liqueur
30mL Martin Miller’s Gin
30mL fresh cream​
1 egg white (optional)​

Add Mozart Chocolate Cream into the glass first and the rest of the ingredients.  Garnish with nutmeg.

Make the most of Easter – or any time!

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